Sean K. Preston doesn't get gussied up for the show...he wears his cowboy hat, dirty jeans and shitkicker boots everyday. If it sounds like he sings about hard luck, lost love, long journeys, dark secrets, damnation and redemption like he's lived through's because he damn well has. 

Tom, Hanks is a blend of originals mixed in with Tom Waits and Hank Sr. covers. Their live performance is an all out musical monster mashing good time.

The Little Country Giants: Delivering pure, simple, and timeless rustic songs touching on country, bluegrass, and even rural blues, husband-and-wife duo Cameron Federal and Russell Cook produce artful work on par with the finest of the expansive genre. Masters of the lexicon of rural music, Little Country Giants create music rich with the sounds of Georgia's roots and the musical seeds of America grown. -Adam Klein, Cowboy Angel Music