OhBree (Philly) is a 7-piece pop band with horns included and an outlandish performance. They are on tour with their vinyl release. New album is bigger, goofier, and scarier than ever! The band's influences come from several different places including Tom Waits, Bomb The Music Industry, Man Man, musical theater, Monty Python and A Clockwork Orange.

Tom, Hanks (Hburg) Tom Waits & Hank Williams tribute, but really much more physical than that. Sounds like dropping a stack of dishes down a stairwell and also a construction site. Accordion, Upright Bass, Trumpet, Clarinet, Percussion, Barn Gong, metal tubes, tambourine duct-taped to a boot, and whiskey. Well... .pretty much just read the band above's description, minus the vinyl release.

Sleeptalker (Folk Rock) Sleeptalker drives a hard sound with meaningful lyrics, making some really catchy tunes.