RACHEL AUSTIN: Calling to mind comparisons with Nick Cave’s restless creative spirit, Shenandoah Valley native Rachel Austin rarely comes at the listener from the obvious perspective, by turns cajoling her way into the heart. Her words are timeless, but the delivery is captivating, recalling the swooping melodies of Tim Buckley at his best.

But Rachel possesses a stark and creative outlook that is all her own, evidenced through her fan-funded project, Age of Reason, which saw her recording in Austin,Texas and touring Europe and the US.

This year saw Rachel performing in diverse settings as a musician and as a dancer, including with Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, and Kronos Quartet. Having supported musicians such as Florence and the Machine, Duke Special and Devon Sproule, Rachel is set to tour Europe and the East Coast next year.

ANNABETH MCNAMARA, from Charlottesville, released her second full-length album through a $75,000 value grant from House Studio DC. A week of intensive songwriting and recording resulted in a sugar-coated yet bittersweet sonic confection a la Ingrid Michealson, with obvious influence from her tweendom spent listening to Bjork and other ‘90’s female stars. Performing with her back-up band the Larkspur, she has recently shared bills with Lobo Marino and Shenandoah Alley, and has played regularly this past summer at the Garage, Charlottesville's hippest little venue, as well as two of the town's best venues, the Southern and the Pavilion. Annabeth just returned from her fifth tour of Europe, a month of shows in Spain, France, Germany and Belgium, and even played a show in Iceland the day before Iceland Airwaves festival.

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