Steel City Jug Slammers - Long ago there were many tales of a nameless, anomalous, blues ghost that roamed the lands in search of a vessel through which to expatiate its proficiency. It found a man named Ricky Tate. Shortly after, Rick heard tales of The Zookeeper, a man with a steel hand who fed only on ale, whiskey and blues. The boundless strings of fate connected them and the chronicle began.

Rob Cheatham is a singer/songwriter from Charlottesville, VA and has fronted the bands Gunchux and The Nice Jenkins. Rob's music captures real emotion and an honest take on American life while maintaining rock and country sensibilities. Major influences are Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder and Jason Isbell. He is currently finishing up work on a new full length album for early 2016

The Good Saloon - They've got a pedal steel player, a heavy metal drummer and a country singer and you probably know all three of them from the other bands they're in. Great new band.