Stephanie (RVA) - The Richmond VA based Italo disco//noise//fantasy// horror group, originally started by Ken Hicks & Soraya Teschner as "skirts". Taking influence from goblin, zombi, crystal castles, electric youth, College, ect... stephanie performs live sets with analog synthesizers and a drum machine. the project began in 2011.

The Voice of Saturn (CVILLE) - Analog sounds from the heart of The cosmos. Techno, Ambient, Acid, Drone.

Ships In The Night (Cville) - Alethea Leventhall’s ethereal vocals float effortlessly over electronic waves of synth and drum machines. Ships In The Night is atmospheric, haunting, and electrifying Darkwave.

Jaguardini (GTown) - Gameboy as sequencer, drum machine, shredding, megaphone. 80s synthpop / videogame hybrid