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Illiterate Light - Offical physical release of their EP - "Langue."  Hburg locals - Experimental Indie Rock Duo.  The EP was written and recorded as a trio but IL has since devolved into a duo, or duet, depending on who you talk to.  Sure thing!  New renditions of older tunes - pick up a copy of this bad Larry.  Album artwork by Morgan "Hot Cheese" Fink.



Port Harbour - Hailing from cities across Virginia and New Jersey, and joined together in the small Blue Ridge mountain town of Harrisonburg, Virginia, sextet Port Harbour has entered into the rock/pop foray with ambition, and with their own unique take on the genre. Piano-driven, horn-laden, and reinforced with a solid alternative rock foundation of guitars, bass, and energetic drums, Port Harbour blends energy with subtlety at their core, all while layering thoughtful lyrics with three-part harmonies. From stripped back ballads to full blown house-show style rock, Port Harbour invites you into a diverse, compelling musical experience both in their recorded material and their live shows.




Goldrush - Goldrush is an awesome Richmond band with a sound that is both familiar and incredibly unique. Think catchy 60's Beatles-psych goes on a road trip with Camper Van Beethoven from LA to Richmond and everywhere in between.