Dr. How is some seriously spunky country rock and a Harrisonburg favorite.

Cold Weather Company is a New Jersey-based independent alternative folk band.  Combining the songwriting experience of its three members: Brian Curry, Steve Shimchick, and Jeff Petescia, the band carries a diverse sound, rich with vocal harmonies and instrumental builds. (https://soundcloud.com/cold-weather-company/sets/somewhere-new)

Atoka Chase are an alternative folk duo that fans of The Devil Makes Three will love. (https://atokachase.bandcamp.com)

New Jersey singer-songwriter Colton Kayser grew up daydreaming in class and writing songs by the binder. As he grew, so did his work ethic, and he has been quietly chipping away and perfecting his craft ever since. (http://www.coltkayser.com/wp/)