After their 2012 release 'Soufflant Rhodes' was met with critical acclaim, the French rock band Filiamotsa; Véronique Mougin (keyboards), Antoine Arlot (saxophones), Essawabi Youssef (trombone), and Philippe Orivel (violin/keyboards), have recorded a new album, Like It Is, to be released on October 9th through Aagoo Records. The legendary singer from Dutch band The Ex, GW Sok, is the special guest on this record and deploys the melody, alongside guitarist Olivier Mellano, adding his own personal touch, giving this album a singular and sometimes orchestral dimension. The album keeps the rock, noise and psychedelic spirit of previous Filiamotsa material, and is a collection of English songs.


On Halloween of 2010 OhBree played it's first show at Sprinkle Kingdom. The group entered the studio together in 2012 to create We Miss You Edward, Come Home - pit orchestra influenced punk sound with volatile leaps between campiness and screaming.

In 2014 they released Death By Broomstick - "pop through a dark-warped humorous lens... delightfully disturbing songs that will creep into your head."

Shutaro Noguchi is from Japan and in 2010 he moved to Louisville, Kentucky after finishing his college degree and internship at FAME studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He quickly found musical outlets as a collaborator with K Tranza and Another 7 Astronauts. From 2013 he started recording his own songs, and has released several recordings, followed by "sun sai gai 2 release from Sophomore Lounge.

Unclassifiable visionary earthling music flooded with melodies.


18+ / $5