Saint Patrick's Day Celebration

Illiterate Light (Harrisonburg)

Experimental Indie Rock Duo from Harrisonburg, VA. Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran freak out and sing a mixture of frank statements, naive questions, and ironic stories. Using the confines of the duo line-up to force new creative avenues of expression, these fellows oscillate between more amps, drums, and rock power than you would expect two people to have the ability to control, to quiet and quarky moments of intimacy and vulnerability.




“Like a Peach” Music Video

DC Rock Live - Review


Post Sixty Five (Charlottesville)

Born from the mind of songwriter and frontman Hicham Benhallam, the Charlottesville-based band Post Sixty Five has been described as both moody and romantic, feverishly tugging at the heartstrings of its listeners with fragile guitar lines driven by a thunderous rhythm section. Formed in October of 2013, Post Sixty Five brings Benhallam’s devastating images to life with dizzy, delicate melodies and disarmingly earnest performances that weigh heavy on the heart.

Camp Howard (Richmond)

The four-piece known as Camp Howard is about to release a new album and dropped “Veins” as a first single teaser.  Camp Howard includes songwriter Nic Perea. Buzzing, grungy guitars, multi-part, almost sacred, falsetto vocal harmonies, and a solid composition make this song so captivating, whetting your appetite for rock made with the 90s and the 60s in mind. It’s as if Fleet Foxes collaborated with The Trillions. Welcome to grunge church. - Sounds of RVA

Hurricanes of Love (Georgia)

othing short of unbelievable. It might sound like electronic music or it might sound like Delta Blues or a story told by a friend, but no matter what it will be intriguing.