Here's a ROCK show the whole family can come to!!!!

Rock N Roll Hi-Fives: 
If you want to find the hardest rocking family band in the truest sense of the word, look no further than New Jersey’s Rock N’ Roll Hi-Fives. 

Comprised of parents Joe (guitar) and Gloree (bass) and their progeny Eilee (vocals), and Evren (drums).

the Rock N’ Roll Hi-Fives are more than a gimmick. They’re a great band with great songs.
Check them out HERE:

Dr. How and the Reasons to Live: 
A local favorite, Dr. How reminds you how much fun listening to live music can be. These guys take their tunes for a joy ride that is unique to feel, great to see and awesome to hear. Imagine Yogi Bear finding his picnic basket. Yeah, that's happiness. 
Check them out HERE:(