ELECTRO NIGHT ROUND 3! Another roundup of VA's electro groups to kick off the Ships in the Night and Jaguardini tour, featuring: 

Ships In The Night - Haunting, atmospheric Darkwave with Alethea Leventhal ethereal vocals. You will get sucked into the vortex of xymox-esque darkness.

BODY DRAMA - pulsing synthetic beats with layers of sweet arpeggiations and synth leads. Seth has re-emerged to bring you his highly danceable techno-house jamboree.

Jaguardini - combines the sounds of old videogames and synthesizers to create a blend of highly energetic 1980s lofi new wave synth pop and nostalgic chippy dance beats. 

mcrcsms - steadily the soundsbeatspatterns pave way through the earsbrainsenses until noises once not heard become something of a norm in this strange place called mind.