Big Bullet Booking & The Golden Pony present:

Pujol (Saddle Creek/Third Man/Infinity Cat Records-Nashville, TN)

Daniel Pujol is an artist based out of Nashville, TN. Music City serves as the home-base for his eponymous musical project, Pujol. His back catalog includes numerous singles, EPs and LPs on labels such as Third Man Records, Infinity Cat Recordings, and Saddle Creek Records. In addition to music, Daniel writes prose and poetry. He has been published by The Nashville Cream, Third Man Books, Sobotka Literary Magazine, Impose Magazine, The Walrus, etc. The latest Pujol release is a blend of writing and music called KISSES. Daniel is currently working on a chapbook of prosepoetry entitled Mighty Stranger and a new Pujol LP.

Bishops (HVA garage rock)
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To make noise that is steeped in grunge-coated 90s college rock isnt unusual these days. But to do it with the ease, nuance, and overall badassness that Bishops does is something else entirely. Born in West Virginia and currently ensconced in those mystical Harrisonburg, VA mountains, this trio is proving they can wail (and quite cleverly) with the best of them. - Fuzzy Logic

Buck Gooter (HVA primal industrial blues)

"Buck Gooter have the uncanny ability to maintain the energy usually reserved for the bands on their first or second record. How many albums in are they now? My shelf says well over ten. It is pretty amazing how hard they are able to bring it every single time."
- Henry Rollins

$8 adv / $10 d.o.s.