The Golden Pony's Winter Prom is here and Under the Sea is the theme. Wear your finest 80's attire kids. We will be dancing to groovy DJ tunes. There will be a phontographer on site for all the prom pictures you could ever want. Be ready to cast your vote for Prom King and Prom Queen! Principal Rooney has demanded that we clarify that the punch will not be spiked. (wink) Dress to impress! And please don't get kicked out of the prom. 

Johnny Q. Football's dad is a musician, so his band Crab Action ( is going to play. We've heard they sound like Huey Lewis and the News...from Outer Space! Far out!! Don't be late and bring 5 bucks and not in all change! This event is for Golden Pony High students only but we won't be checking student IDs and as long as you know where you are, you won't be asked to leave. 

Oh and you kids should know once you do leave, you can't come back. So stick around a while and dance the night away Under the Sea at the Pony's Winter Prom...

$5 / 21+