Naomi Punk (Captured Tracks)
When Naomi Punk’s debut LP The Feeling came out in Spring 2012 on Couple Skate records,it felt new and unpretentious. Not in the sense that it was without influence. There’s plenty to pick apart in their music. The band isn’t afraid of writing pop songs, the same way other bands like Sonic Youth and Nirvana would draw out huge hooks from dissonance — buttheir sound is very much their own. Though they initially began as a collage project, and their website is little more than a couple images, a list of some bands they like, and contact
info, Naomi Punk, are, at heart, a trio that just wants to make good songs.

It’s the musical equivalent of a dead, stoned stare that you won’t mind locking eyes with. - Stereogum
…throughout its running time touches on dark post-punk, psychedelic rock, and outsider folk, while still finding some time to keep their noisier roots intact. - Brooklyn Vegan
avant-grunge - The New Yorker
...reducing Social Rust to one easily-identifiable genre would be missing the point–despite aspects of psychedelia, Social Rust is a beast unto itself. -Impose Magazine
art-punk/avant-sludge - Pitchfork

All Ages