Back for the 2nd year! The Day the Music Died show last year was amazing and wonderful. Don't miss your chance to see the legendary spirits of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and Big Bopper.

57 years ago on February 3rd the plane carrying the best musicians fo the day crashed and took their lives. Their music lives on in inumerous ways and The Pony will host one of those ways on the 57th anniversary. Definitely a show you can't afford to miss...

Playing Buddy Holly's music will be John Harouff's, Dead Professional (an incredibly rock band in their own right); performing as Ritchie Valens will be hometown hero John Hostetter (formerly of Elephant Child and Matlock Four); performing Big Bopper's music will be Blake Cramer (Shenandoah Alley, Tom, Hanks) and his band.

We will be providing some seating space for this show. See you there!