Steel Anvil Records presents..


A monthly series of horror and metal at The Golden Pony! Free movie screening at 7PM followed by heavy metal bands at 9.

April brings spring showers and flowers, but the daisies aren't the only thing rising out of the ground. This month we bring you the 1968 classic "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD". George Romero's full length directorial debut follows a group of people trying to fend off an oncoming army of zombies from a farm house in rural Pennsylvania. Will they survive the night? Will you? Maybe not once pounded by an evening of riffs following the movie.

Pathogenesis (Raleigh, NC/Norfolk, VA technical deathgrind)

Crucial Rip (Richmond, VA brutal death metal)

Algorithmic Death (Harrisonburg grindpunk freaks)

Show is $6. A full night of mayhem and you don't even gotta break the bank!