The Moonbees - "The Moonbees are an eclectic rock/folk four-piece whose vocalist, Clifton McDaniel, has chops like David Bowie or Sgt. Pepper's-era John Lennon. From hints of Americana and countrified Bob Marley to Southern Rock stylings, this psychedelic orchestral rock amazes left and right." - Mike Rutz (RVAMag)

Accidental Seabirds- "The American folk underpinnings of this band's songs are immediately apparent, but you'll also hear elements of psych-rock, blues, jazz, powerpop, and wigged-out exerpimental music, too" - The Star Ledger

William Matheny - two spots behind Father John Misty on the NACC charts right now. 

"literary rock'n'roller William Matheny has a knack for spinning stories about roach-infested apartments and social anxiety into indie gold" - NPR's Heavy Rotation

Troutmouth- Troutmouth is the alter ego for Horse-whispering Renaissance Man and Shenandoah Valley Bum Wine Pioneer, T-bor Cramer. Soul-haunting dive ballads and no-bullshit honest story-telling are what define this multi-instrumentalist's style. Beneath the heavy strumming, husky outlaw voice, and foot stomping is a heart you can trust a baby with.