SHEER MAG (Philadelphia, PA punk/garage rock)

"Sheer Mag's music stuffs hip-shaking hooks and burly riffs within impeccably structured pop songs, wrapped in lyrics both open-hearted and openly political. They're the Jackson 5 raised to play punk rock, with an F-5 tornado for a singer." -Pitchfork

"The band's riff-heavy yet thrillingly compact and catchy songs are bringing old-school rock values back to modern lo-fi punk." -Rolling Stone

"Explosive rock songs, oozing with the bliss of power-pop and the rebellion of punk" 

"For all the attention that Philadelphia quintet Sheer Mag gets for its Thin Lizzy-style dueling guitar solos, power-pop rhythms and other 1970s throwback elements, at its core the band simply writes great songs." -NPR

w/ Buck Gooter (

+ The James Badfellows (

$10 adv/$12 d.o.s.