Jaguardini will be presenting another live-score to the Gothic Horror film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The line-up has slightly changed, so the experience will be different than the last time. Featuring Mike Pressel on trumpet, Pablo Daniel Olivieri on drums, Caroline Bryan on harp, Jeff Gorman on guitar, and David Abbott on bass. Carmel Clavin of Spectacle & Mirth will once again lure you in with her eerie tableaux performance.

Shagwüf is a glam-rock band from all over the valley. Good old fashioned psych-rock with the edge and energy of a war elephant. You'll want to let your hair down for this one.üf

Illiterate Light is the brainchild of psych/soul genius, Jeff Gorman. You'll find catchy-as-hell melodies interwoven between quick, technical changes. He can really wail.