• The Golden Pony (map)
  • 181 N Main St
  • Harrisonburg, VA, 22802
  • United States

730PM /// FREE /// 18+

It's time for our June poetry reading! This month, we will be featuring pairs of poets and musicians as they use their art together in a totally badass Megazord way. 

Featured Artists: 

Logan Hill & Rashaad 
Chris Fulmer & Billy Brat
Terry Turtle & Ivan Hanks 
Lindszor Karlore & Blake Kramer 

There will be an open mic afterward! Come out and escape this heat!

"It’s like living in a light bulb, with the leaves
Like filaments and the sky a shell of thin, transparent glass
Enclosing the late heaven of a summer day, a canopy
Of incandescent blue above the dappled sunlight golden
on the grass..." - John Koethe, "Sally's Hair"