Sarah Cowles has been photographing since age 10, when she received her firstcamera, a purple plastic point and shoot. Her love of image-making led her to study art formally. As a high school and college student, she explored a variety ofmedia and techniques, from classical figure drawing to conceptual performance art. Yet, her connection to photography endured, and it continues to be her primary medium. After graduating from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2005 with a BFA, she worked in commercial photography for 5 years. She has lived and exhibited work in Chicago, Austin, TX, and Harrisonburg, VA. She now resides in Harrisonburg and creates photographic artworks.

This series encompasses an exploration of domestic space, utilizing a variety of perspectives and aesthetic strategies to explore the relationship between the formal aspects of domestic spaces and the psychological worlds that they both house and shape. These shifting perspectives on domestic space range from straightforward still lives to surreal abstractions. Simple images depicting familiar aspects of interior space, such as vents and ceiling fans, capture the meditative state of dwelling in a space, seeing the same things day after day. In contrast, surrealistic images employ reflections to morph and shift space, amalgamating interior with exterior, subject with environment. These images are imbued with the psychological complexity of what is housed by domestic space- not only people, but ever-shifting worlds