GULL has played The Pony many times already and each and every time he plays, he mesmerizes everyone in the room.

"Lotus Eaters" is an amazing track by Harrisonburg's Garage Rock kings, Elephant Child. Never a dull show with these three on stage. They're also able to write songs, like this one, that reference Ancient Greek Literature. Audio recorded and mastered by Eric Shy. Video by Paul Somers

"You Heard What You Wanted" is the perfect example of Dead Professional's Rock and Roll ability to be incredibly precise, yet soulful and simple, yet clever. Singer/Songwriter John Harouff has brought some truly incredible music to the world and it's always a pleasure to host him and his band's live performances at The Pony. Don't ever miss a chance to see Dead Professional live, it's a great show. Audio recorded and mixed by Eric Shy. Video by Paul Somers.

Earthling is a Metal band from Harrisonburg, Virginia that is absolutely riveting. Their technique is off the charts and their performance is towering, but their style is possibly the most impressing thing about them. It's bands like this that keep Metal fresh as hell. Go see these guys live if you ever get a chance or buy their record Dark Path on the Forcefield record label. They also have another record coming out within the next year. This recording was recorded LIVE at The Golden Pony by engineer, Eric Shy, and mixed by Praveen Chhetri who is the band's guitarist.

Recorded live and mixed by Eric Shy. Video by Paul Somers.

Sean K. Preston and The Loaded Pistols put on a fiery show. This was recorded the first time they played The Pony and set everything off. Their Rockabilly sentiments don't hide their Punk Rock leanings, but this is a band that transcends genres altogether because they make music that is simply incredible. The vocals are unique and the soul shredding guitar brings to mind some of the best guitarist you can imagine. Any chance you have to see them play is worth your while and we look forward to having them back again and again. Enjoy...

ROAR! is an incredibly vibrant band from New Orleans. Their music is experimental, fun and very well orchestrated. Find them on tour, it's quite a spectacle for your eyes and ears. Audio recorded live and mixed by Eric Shy. Video by Paul Somers
Tom, Hanks is a perfect blending of the stylistic music of Tom Waits and Hank Williams Sr. Their raucous performances get everyone stomping around and having a great time. This was shot by Paul Somers, recorded live by Eric Shy and mixed by Ivan Christo in Harrisonburg, VA at The Golden Pony
Performing "Covered in Sin" from their album Comes in Nines, this Uncle Bengine track is classic. The pedal steel, the groove, not to mention the fun and clever lyrics. These guys always keep the crowd happy. Check them out next time they play The Pony, you won't be sorry. Audio recorded and mastered by Eric Shy. Video by Paul Somers.

Creepoid playing "Seams" live is something special as everyone in the room tends to throb and wobble to the psyched out fuzzy rock and roll of one of Philadelphia's finest. Creepoid has been playing in Harrisonburg for years and has developed quite a following here. We're looking forward to their upcoming Nov. 2nd, 2015 show once again at The Golden Pony. Be sure to get a copy of their new record, which this song is on, CEMETARY HIGHRISE SLUM. Creepoid forever! Recorded and mastered by Eric Shy. Video by Paul Somers

Pretty difficult to describe all of the amazing aspects of this song from Jaguardini's larger musical composition inspired by Dr. Caligari. It's unbelievably executed musically and the work of performance artist Carmel Clavin drives the darkness inherent in the music all the way down into the depths of your soul. Don't miss any chance to see this band perform. This song was recorded live at The Golden Pony by Eric Shy, mixed by Ivan Christo and video was shot by Paul Somers.