When the previous occupant of 181 N. Main St., The Blue Nile, closed its doors in October of 2014, the bar manager, Paul Somers, began work immediately on re-opening a restaurant and music venue that the Harrisonburg Community unanimously welcomed. The Golden Pony quickly became the place to see live bands playing more youthful and contemporary brands of music. Additionally, the simple brand of cuisine has become a staple for Downtown. The connection The Pony has to the creative community that characterizes Harrisonburg, is palpable with their Pegasus Art Gallery and music venue. This is not your average Restaurant and Bar, but of course it was never meant to be.

Come experience the nuances for yourself and join the ongoing history of The Golden Pony! STAY GOLD!





Paul is passionate about developing a style of service unlike any other and delivering it with a community of talented individuals here at The Golden Pony. He rides skateboards, writes poetry, is a curator and a photographer/filmmaker. He organizes the Super Gr8 Film Festival each year in Harrisonburg with his buddy Tim Estep. Paul believes the key to community is inclusion and is always inviting others to join in on his plans for all sorts of Art, Culture and Community sorts of things.

ROB CLAGGETTKitchen Maestro

Rob has a culinary brilliance that can be seen in his artisanal approach to simple foods. Relying on fresh and local ingredients and his scratch-made mentality, he illuminates details in every dish that you can taste. Similarly, his passion for music is nuanced and apparent each time his band Marsh Hawk plays the Downstairs Venue or elsewhere one of their tours.



After working in various bars, for a distributor and then Brothers' Brewing, Martin has a vast knowledge of beer. His expertise helped bring about our Golden Pony Pale Ale collaboration with Three Notch'd Brewing. A voracious appetite for music keeps him digging through record bins and spinning every kind of music imaginable during his time off.



Russell believes in hard work and it shows in every task he begins and finishes. His experience with management, pizza, generosity and bar service is well-known. He is a devout collector of tattoos, enjoys tubing on the river and can often be found immersing himself in any variety of cool things you likely know nothing about.